Once a married man had a true Italian lover. He was in relation with her for a long time. He kept this relation secret from his wife. His Italian girlfriend knew that he has not even disclosed his love story with his relatives and friends.

One day his girlfriend got pregnant. When she told him about this new beginning of her life, he got shocked and mentally disturbed as he knew that he might not be able to manage the dual sides of his life. He doesn’t want to destroy his long marriage.

Therefore to avoid any disputes in his well settled life, He asked his Prego girlfriend if she could go back to Italy to give birth to the child secretly.

He promised to give her a large sum of money. He also promised to provide her with funds until the child turned eighteen. The woman agreed with the agreement and the notification process. She agreed that she will inform him regarding child's birth via postcard with "SPEGHATTI" written in it.

After 9 months, wife of that man received a weird post card at home. When her husband returned home, She welcomed him with confusing expressions and told him about the post card. He suddenly got nervous. The man, having read a few lines, first went deathly pale, and then fainted. His spouse rushed to help him, and the postcard fell to the floor.

All it said was this: 'Spaghetti, spaghetti, spaghetti, spaghetti, spaghetti. Three with meat balls, two without them. Please send more sauce...'