This is a story about 50 cents who posted a video of some random guy calling him Kodiak black.

The moment Chris Brown announce his boxing match with Soulja Boy. Other boxers want the match as well. So now RiFF Raff wants to box 50 Cent and Kodak wants to fight Lil Wayne.
But noe 50 cent is creating hype for the match when he posted a video in responce to Wayne blacks challange.
It seems to have all started when Kodak threw shade on Wayne in an Instagram live video and doubled down on his comment by challenging Wayne to a fight in another video.
The video shows the fight in which Wayne is challenging Kodak by say set it up. Which sounds boring to 50 and said it should be something like
There is no official word yet on whether or not Lil Wayne will accept Kodak's challenge or not. But if it does all godown, how many rounds do you predict the battle royal to go?